Let’s enjoy Bloons Tower Defense Unblocked for free at school or college:

Bloons Tower Defense Unblocked is an amazing game which you should play at school or college for free. This game is very popular worldwide because the gaming concept is just amazing. You’ll become an insane fan of this game. There are balloons which are traveling through the path.

Now, you need to build such a defense which can burst those balloons one by one. It’s not very easy to perform this task and you probably need to act very wisely.

Gameplay Of Bloons Tower Defense Unblocked

Now, let’s talk something about the defense of this game. It’s very easy to understand the game but not easy to play. With the increase in the number of balloons.

When you’ll start the game you’ll be given a simple map and some money so that you can buy a simple defense tower. That defense tower can burst first level balloons. Once, all the balloons are burst one by one, you’ll start making money.


bloons tower defense unblocked

The higher level defense will need great money. So, you need to get patient and then buy some more defense after collecting them money. The higher level defense will result in higher damage to the balloons.

Levels of balloons is also another big thing here. If it’s Red, 1 shot from the first level defense, Blue one needs 2 shots and higher level needs more and more. This increases the difficulty of the game and you have to act smartly to win each level.

If you want to play the game in your school or college without getting blocked, then you can play Bloons Tower Defense Unblocked here for free. Just make sure that you have installed flash player in your system. Also, you need to enable it here so that the game can start without any problem.

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