Enjoy amazing 3 slices unblocked free online at school or college.

Have you ever played fruit ninja game? If yes, then you probably gonna love this game. It’s because here you have to slice things smartly. But, not fruits but some blocks. All the blocks are placed on a surface and you need to chop them one by one to let them fall down.

Gameplay Of 3 Slices Unblocked Game

Let’s talk about the gameplay of 3 slices unblocked game. We loved this game very much. It’s because it has all the slicing adventure which is enough to give you the gaming experience.

It’s not easy to solve the levels because you need to chop the red cubes to let them fall down. If you don’t then you’re gonna fail. More chops will result in less score. There are white cubes included in the levels, chopping them won’t affect your score but they are indeed an obstacle to your goal. You need to deal with them wisely otherwise forgot to clear the level.


3 slices unblocked

If we talk about the things you need to run this game, just enable the flash player. Click the box asking you to enable the flash and allow the browser. If you don’t have flash installed in your system (rare chances) then get it from here. It’s completely free to download and use.

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