Play your favorite 3 Foot Ninja Unblocked game free online.

3 Foot ninja game is a very great game overall. It is a fighting action game in which you play as a ninja. If in your childhood you always want to play a ninja game. And always want to be a Ninja with his cool sword. Then this is the game made for you.

The gameplay of the game

This game is a very interesting game. This game is an action and fighting game. You will see lots of action on your computer screen in this game. You play as a Ninja in this game. Another Ninja is trying to kill you. Now you play with your sword and kill all of them.

Screenshot of the game:

3 Foot Ninja

As soon you clear a level another Ninja will be spawn. The difficulty of the game increases with the levels. You fight with your fighting spirit in your heart. Make the high record or break your friend high record. This game has many things to offer you.

This game is made for fighting lovers. Who want to play games with action and blood. The game has great graphics and sound. You will fall in love with them. The main menu of the game is also very good. Game controls are also very great and easy to learn.

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