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100 percent unblocked game is a very famous game all over the world. This game is a very interesting and fun to play game. This game has a very simple gameplay. It is very easy to play game but the difficulties level increase with the increase in levels.

The gameplay of the 100 percent unblocked game

100 percent gives you an addicted game environment. The door is the main key in this game. And you will be going to find that door to clear the level. People get addicted to this game by seeing its gameplay. Below is the screenshot of this game gameplay.

Screenshot of the 100 percent unblocked game Gameplay :

100 percent game

100 percent unblocked is a popular all around the world web game. This game is a 2D based arcade game. Game main moto for you is to find a door to clear the level. After every level, your difficulty increases. You need to be sure that you make the highest score in your friend zone.

100 percent unblocked game controls are very easy controls. Controls are easy for anyone who is the beginner in this game. You will fall in love with its stunning gameplay. Score the biggest score you can make and challenge your friend to break your record.

100 percent unblocked game controls are all the navigation key of the keyboard. There is nothing boring in this game. So go ahead and play this game in your school/college because nobody gonna block you.

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