Act little quick and score more than your friend in 10 second challenge unblocked game. Best game for fast players 😉

There are thousands of game players out there who are very quick in gaming. So, here’s another challenge for such players. In the 10 second challenge unblocked game, you’ll be given a golf stick and ball. You need to throw that ball as many times you can in order to score more.

Farther you can hit the ball, more will be your score. Challenge your friend and beat each other.

Gameplay Of 10 Second Challenge Unblocked

Let’s talk about the gameplay. When we start the game, we need to click on Start button.


10 second challenge unblocked

Then without wasting time, aim the golf stick and kick the ball hard. Repeat the process to send ball much farther.

The game will only be left for 10 seconds and you’ve only 10 seconds to prove you in the game.

Challenge your friends and family members to score more than you. This way, your gaming experience will go further and joy of gaming will increase as well. Make sure you’ve enabled flash if the game isn’t loading. You can get it from here. Bookmark unblockedgames66 to enjoy fun moments anywhere anytime for free online.

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