Enjoy your favorite 10 more bullets unblocked game at school for free online.

10 more bullets unblocked is the modified version of 10 bullets game. Graphics are slightly improved and looks good. Gameplay is indeed the same but you’ll enjoy this game very much. THere will be hundreds of enemy ships with whom you’ve to deal.

Objects in this improved version are improved ones and look sharp enough. There are much more objects with more amazing details.

Gameplay Of 10 More Bullets Unblocked

Let’s talk about the gameplay of this game. When you start the game, all you need to do is just hit the Play button and game will start running. If you want to read the instructions, you can do this as well.

Once the game is started, press space key of left click to hit the other ships. Let’s say you’ve hit one sheep when you’ve done that special wave is formed if you hit the right position of the ship, a special waveform will be generated resulting in automative bullets which will damage other ships automatically.


10 more bullets unblocked

The game is named after 10 bullets because, during the special wave, 10 bullets are automatically formed which results in automatic damage to your enemies. With time, every object starts moving faster and faster which gives you a reason to play it seriously.

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